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September 2013 - Steve Satterwhite

I Love Shout Outs

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Let me share two quick stories.

I first learned about Shout Outs from my friend Leslie Baum at EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). She and I were working together on a big project in Texas. It was EO’s semi-annual conference. I was the Co-Chair of the event. And it was right here in my backyard in Houston.

During the event, we would start each day with an EO Event Staff team huddle. We’d talk about what we were going to do that day. What we needed to address from the day before. And really take time to get a game plan together for how we were going to knock the socks off our 750+ CEO guests from around the world that day.

But what struck me about these meetings was not so much about the event itself and the logistical things we needed to do each day—like how many chicken dinners we were serving and at what time.

No, what struck me was really about how that amazing group of EO Event Staff came together, that week, and created a solid, cohesive team that supported and lifted each other up. Read More

Why I Wrote Above the Line…

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(And why I’m scared $h!tless you’re actually going to read it – or worse, my kids will)

A year or so ago, I sat down to write a book about our company, Entelligence IT. About our passion for our people. About our company culture. And mostly, about our fanatical pursuit of outstanding customer service.

It was originally intended to be a marketing exercise to help our customers and our employees and applicants understand more about our business – about who we are and what we do and why we do it.

But, as fate would have it, the book I started to write didn’t quite turn out exactly as I first envisioned it.  Read More