I found Above the Line to be the marriage of Good to Great by Jim Collins and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra. It turns out that what’s good for the balance sheet is good for relationships and vice-a-versa.

— Robert Wagnon, CEO – Republic State Mortgage

This is a book for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone facing the number one challenge in business: Hiring and inspiring people to carry out your vision.

But be forewarned: This is not a feel-good business book. Above the Line is a true tale of a misfit CEO about the undeniable connection between people and profits.

An introspective portrayal of the emotional roller coaster that many leaders and entrepreneurs face – both personally and professionally – the book documents a CEO’s path of discovering himself through his business.

It’s about his quest to discover his core purpose and values while facing the pressures creating a sustainable business that puts people first. It’s a book about how to do the right thing when things go wrong.

With an easy-going, narrative style – author Steve Satterwhite takes readers through his entrepreneurial journey. He vulnerably shares the highs, lows, and demons of fear, self-doubt, and self-confidence along the way.

Above the Line is a quick and easy read that some say they “couldn’t put down”. Steve’s passion for people and his willingness to authentically share makes it more than a typical business book.

It’s a call to action to leaders everywhere to create a culture of inspired people who hold themselves to high standards, strive to do the right thing, make this world a better place…and vastly increase company profits as a happy side effect of this new way of working.

Above the Line is a simple formula for leaders who want to inspire people to light up the world through the work they do.

Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and Author of PEAK

This is a must read for entrepreneurs because Steve tells the real story of the entrepreneurial journey, not the made for TV version. He established his company culture and kept adapting the business model until it fit his culture AND made a profit!

— Greg Crabtree, CEO Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, PC Author of Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!

Above the Line is more than Steve’s journey to get closer to what’s next. It’s the gentle reminder we can all use from time to time to find some perspective and not feel like a jerk for wanting to grasp what’s next.

Erika Napoletano, Magazine Columnist and Author, The Power of Unpopular

Above the Line proves it’s not so much a roadmap you need for bottom line success in business and in life, but an internal compass with a bearing towards “better” for ourselves and those we lead.

— Warren Macdonald, Author of A Test of Will

Steve’s conversational writing style and story telling make this a must read for those striving to grow and develop in their business career at all management levels.

— Lee Froschheiser, Executive Chairman, MAP Consulting, Author of Vital Factors

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