Working with Steve dramatically changed the picture I was painting about the future of my business.  It clarified my vision.

– Kevin Briley, CEO Ascend Education 

 We consistently began to hit key targets and goals. We had the most cash we’ve ever had and we beat prior year’s revenue month in and month out.

– Mike Maxon, Crabtree, Rowe & Berger 

I work with Entrepreneurs, Founder/CEOs, and CEOs of Turnarounds. I work with you first. Then your teams. Then the company.

Who are you? You are a conscious, committed leader who sees a big vision of where your organization could go. Higher revenues. Greater profits. Engaged employees. Outstanding customer service. Loyal, repeat buyers. Happy investors.

But you’re also faced with the number one challenge in business: inspiring your people to carry out your vision and turn it into real, tangible results. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Because I believe in you. I believe that you possess something that the world needs more of. Right now: Real, authentic leadership.

True leaders like you know that in order for your company to grow, you must grow people. To take it to the next level, you know that you must connect your WHY with the WHAT and the HOW.

And I want to help you. I want to help you bring your vision for your company into the world.

A few years back, I was right where you are. My company was growing. But there was something missing that kept it from getting to the next level. Two steps forward. One step back. Sound familiar?

Then, I got a wake up call. Someone had the courage to tell me straight up: “Look Steve, if you want to grow your company, you better start learning how to grow people.”

That’s the day I changed as a leader. It’s the day that I committed creating real, sustainable growth. And, luckily, the people, systems and tools I needed all came together to help me build the company I’ve always wanted to work for.

Look, I know what it’s like to start, grow and scale a company. I know what it’s like to have days where you think you’re nailing it. I know what it’s like to have days where failure seems to be the most likely option.

And I know there are times where you’re not sure who you can trust. Who you can turn to for help? Who understands where you are? Who’s walked a mile in your shoes? The old adage is true: it’s lonely at the top.

We all need mentors, advisors, confidants. Someone who has been there and done that. Someone you can get real with. And someone who isn’t afraid to take on your dream for your company in a way that gets EVERYONE on the team fired up.

Here’s the deal. You can create all the one page plans you want. You can dream up your BHAGs. You can write your mission and vision over and over again until is perfect. And you can get everyone around a conference room table and plan a really cool trip to Mars.

But if you can’t connect your people to the vision and have them feel excited to be accountable for that vision, then you’ll suffer from poor customer service, high turnover rates, disengaged employee and you’ll be constantly struggling to hit revenue and profit targets.

That’s not you. That’s not what you dream of. You want to lead in a new way. And I’ve got your back.

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I help leaders like you connect your people to your vision. Here’s how it works:


ONE to ONE –

First, it starts with YOU, and you alone. I work directly with you, the CEO, one on one. We get real over two consecutive days. We dig into your story. Your rise to the top. What got you here. What inspires you. What you dream about. And we discover your truth. Your WHY. Your purpose. I help you see your true essence as a leader. Your personal power. And then I show you how to shape your truth and essence into a powerful, personal vision for you, your career and your company.


Next, you and I work with your Executive Team. Together, we help your team discover their own leadership truths and power. We connect their WHY to your vision. And, together, we forge a new, collective vision for your company. A powerful vision that lights them up and galvanizes your team together into action. We create ownership and commitment. We create a model to produce real, sustainable results. And we cultivate a bond among your team that will take your company to the next level.


To have a vision that everyone can implement authentically, everyone must find value in it. To breathe it in. To live it. To connect to it. From the executive suite to the folks in the front row, everyone matters. Everyone has a stake in the success or failure of the company. And everyone needs to be on board. This is where the real work begins. To link your people to your company’s vision. To create real accountability. Through inspiration, not intimidation. We listen. We hear. We see. And then we show you how to effectively communicate your vision in a way that people will be inspired by, connected to, and accountable for. That’s where it all comes together. Now you have a real vision for what’s possible. You have a real strategy where real work gets done. Where employees are engaged. Customer service goes up. Revenues rise. And Profits prevail.

I’m not for everyone. I get that. But if you’ve read this far, chances are you’re at least intrigued. To find out if working with me is right for you, send me an email for a free, 30 minute consultation. Email me here:

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