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We have a crisis in business. Right now. But it’s not the crisis we all think it is and what we’re all talking about. What we’re talking about the crisis Employee Engagement. The fact that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged according to Gallup.

That’s what we’re all talking about.

But that’s not the REAL crisis. The real crisis is the fact that we have a Leadership Engagement problem.

Only 19% of Leaders are engaged. And yet, these are the same people we’re expecting to fix our Employee Engagement issues.

This is something that is near and dear to my heart. It consumes my thinking. And, just to set the record straight, I am more of a student than a teacher.

But the fact that we have a Leadership Engagement crisis it the proverbial elephant in the boardroom. And I’m on a mission to bring more awareness and change on this issue.

Last week, I was honored by Change This (powered by 800-CEO-READ) for publishing our manifesto Leading From Above the Line.

The feedback has been great. I’m grateful to you all.

If you’re passionate about changing the way we lead, then I invite you to download the manifesto and, by all means, give me your feedback.

Here’s the link:¬†Leading From Above the Line.

Let me hear from you.

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