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Learning and Inspiration with a Heavy Dose of Humor and Truth

SteveSatterwhite_smSome say Steve is wonderfully surprising. Some say he “connects with the audience and can read a room better than the best I’ve ever seen.” And one guest said, “Steve’s speech was insightful, emotional, inspirational and actionable all at the same time. We want him back!”

When you open up your stage to Steve, your people will thank you. With a warm, engaging and approachable style, Steve tackles some of the most challenging issues that organizations and leaders face with truth, vulnerability, and humor. He is a master storyteller and hooks people from the get go. But best of all, his superpower lies not just in moving people in the moment, but in inspiring them to take action long after he’s left the stage. Steve has presented to entrepreneurs, CEOs, start-ups, leaders, managers, career builders, and people who are passionate about building great companies, developing strong teams, and increasing their earnings. He believes that when you believe in your people, emotional, spiritual, and financial success follow.

Powerful message and presentation and great speaking abilities. Steve reminds us of the importance of people in our business and how to make sure we get the best out of them. He interlocks different messages from Rockefeller Habits, Top Grading, and other top selling books and intertwines it with his powerful personal story and experience on how he took advantage of each of these theories and how it helped him grow, both as a person and in profit. It is a great story and valuable insight on how to be a better leader.

– Cesar Quintero, Founder Fit2Go

Speech Topics

The Wake-Up Call

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being called to do something greater? Maybe it’s related to your personal life or your career or your business. Maybe you’ve been getting sneak peaks of your greatness all your life but you’ve never fully committed to it. And maybe one day, it finally becomes clear that you have no other choice but to act on behalf of that nagging inner wisdom that knows you have a great deal more to give. That’s what happened to Steve. In this captivating talk, Steve shares the story of how a middle of the night phone call “woke him up” and changed him as a man, an entrepreneur, a friend and a father. The profound shift that resulted from that call will inspire you to start paying closer attention to the places in your life where you may be sleeping so you can wake up and tap into the gifts that only you can share with the world.

Hire for Why

What if you could hire the right people 80-90% of the time? What would change for you? What would change for your company? Hiring and inspiring the right people is one of the most expensive mysteries in business. But it doesn’t have to be. In Steve’s “Hire for Why” talk, he shares his simple step-by-step process that will help you consistently and confidently hire, inspire, develop, and retain the top players. If you get this right, performance, employee engagement, profits, and your overall stock will soar. This isn’t leadership as you know it. It’s new, it’s provocative, and it works.

Book Steve to Speak
Book Steve to Speak

If you need a speaker that will inspire people, to do it with passion and conviction, to leave them with a powerful, positive influence…then you need Steve Satterwhite.

– Yusley Sosa, Vice-President, Commercial Interior Contractors, Corp.


Steve delivered a unique message about building a great company that is counter to how most managers look at their people. He shares some powerful personal stories that help you understand the ramifications of ignoring his approach, which brought the room to tears multiple times during the presentation. I’d recommend listening very closely to how Steve has built a team of top performers that delivers real profits without all of the ‘people’ headaches we all loathe as entrepreneurs.

– Jeremy Pound, Founder of Juicy Results

Professional Bio

SteveSatterwhiteSteve Satterwhite is a CEO, leadership consultant, and the author of Above the Line: How the Golden Rule Rules the Bottom Line – a riveting entrepreneurial story about how putting people first not only makes a difference in peoples’ lives, but boosts revenue and profits. His inspiring and powerful story details the highs and lows of starting, building, and sustaining a company that’s built on the simple belief that when you lift individuals up, your company thrives. Steve is Founder & CEO of Entelligence IT—one of the fastest growing technology service firms in the US. He has been featured in Forbes, Investors Business Daily, CNBC, M World and his manifesto was featured on the front page of Huffington Post. Steve’s mission is to bring real, authentic leadership into businesses and organizations around the world. When he’s not hatching plans to categorically transform the way leaders lead and company culture is created, you can find him hanging out with his family.

Steve Satterwhite is an Amazing speaker with excellent content; of which I put to use immediately. One of the better speakers I have heard in a while; EO University quality. At the end of the presentation, there was a line of guest for autographs.

– Eloise Gonzalez, Founder, Commercial Interior Contractors, EO South Florida Accelerator Champion

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